10 must-have portable apps: WebWorkerDaily


2100989939_67b0f9be4aWebWorkerDaily shares their top-ten list of portable apps and for those on the run, this is a good set of tools. By portable, they mean applications that can be run off of an external USB drive, like a thumb-drive. There’s a few advantages here, the main two being that you can run the apps you want on practically any PC you come across and the fact that your private data stays with you. You won’t leave traces behind if you’re surfing in a web browser that’s running on the USB drive you’ll take away when you leave the PC.So what’s on WWD’s list? The apps range from graphics utilities to e-mail clients like Qm (shown) to VoIP applications and everything in between. Several, like IrfanView and Miranda, I’d heard of or used before. Others seem a little more esoteric to me, but all in all a good list worth reviewing. Hey… where’s portable FireFox, which is a perrenial fave? What other portable apps are you using that feel are list-worthy?



Um, not that this has any impact on your question, but WWD does not describe these apps as being “must-have” or even “top ten”. Seems to be just a list of ten free portable apps that are small and light.

As for my must-haves, I run PortableApps with Firefox, Filezilla and The GIMP. Actually, I have other apps loaded too, but these are the only ones I use regularly.

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