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Vidi Here’s a simple little app which works a treat if you need to view and/or import video from a firewire DV device onto your Mac without firing-up a fully fledged FinalCut style application…it’s called Vidi.

Vidi has a number of extra facilities, all relating to owners of the Formac Studio range of DV devices, which I have never accessed and can’t comment on, but for sheer ease of use and accessibility it can’t be beat for DV import over firewire.

Connect your video camera or other firewire input and open Vidi, this takes but a second. If all is well, Vidi will recognise your input device and show a preview screen which can be windowed or full screen. This is useful for, of course, previewing your input before or during recording, but I have also used this as a standalone viewer for larger workshop groups when sharing clips straight off a video camera which can be handy.

When ready to record, select a place to save the file to and click Record. You’re off. When you’ve finished click the big red button to stop recording.

That really is all there is to Vidi, but if you need to capture dv footage simply and quickly this is enough.

Vidi is a Universal application, but for me it works well on both an iBook G4 and MacBook Pro, both still on Tiger.

Vidi puts a Vidi Server resource in your Log-In items, for those of you who like to keep an eye on such things, but the documentation assures this takes up almost no system resources when not running. I have no reason to doubt this. You will need to quit or remove this before Trashing Vidi if you ever need to. Vidi comes with a little AppleScript to Quit Vidi Server, should you need to, as well as excellent documentation for any application let alone a free one.

Oh yes, Vidi is freeware. Happy Christmas.



I’ve used Vidi for years and it’s great. I have a Formac Studio TV box and even used it with Vidi as my only TV for a while when my regular TV was broken.

I still use it to capture video from my non-HD DVR because it’s more convenient for grabbing short clips and it doesn’t take over my whole screen unless I want it to.

It captures regular .dv which can be taken into iMovie or run through Compressor, etc.

Michael Clark

What am I missing? What does Vidi gain you over simply using iMovie? It’s simply a smaller application? Does it save a .DV file that can be imported into iMovie at a later time? Or is it simply a viewer?

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