Unwelcome Surprise from Intuit for Mac QuickBooks Users


As if being asked to pay just as much as Windows users for software that has consistently been inferior wasn’t enough, the Mac update of Intuit QuickBooks 2006 and 2007 was wiping out users’ Desktop files and all contents. Yes, this was a nasty one.

Intuit responds:

We appear to have identified and resolved the problem that is causing this. If anyone is still getting the update prompt combined with the message about lack of disk space, please post here letting us know.

For those of you who have been affected, we are testing out options for recovering the deleted files. Our recommendation for now is to turn off your computer and do not use it further. If you continue using your computer or reboot, you may over-write the area on the disk where the deleted data is stored, preventing any recovery efforts from being effective.

If you have been affected and have lost files, and haven’t already posted your contact information in the original discussion, please email your contact information to us. We’ll get your contact information to the team that is working on this, so that you can be contacted for follow-up.

Here is the Knowledge Base article about this issue. The article will be updated as we move forward.

Maybe this is a good time to investigate some accounting software alternatives?


Matthew Cornell

In-f#cking-incredible. I’ve written software all my life, so I realize how complex this can be, but a wanton mistake like this is unforgivable. “turn off your computer and do not use it further” Cars have this sometimes happen (recalls), but software? Amazing.

I don’t know what happened to Intuit. They had a great reputation at the start, then bloated up and lost it. Vista seems similar. Just look at the Amazon ratings for any version of Quicken – in the toilet.

I realize I’m ranting here, but I just tried upgrading to 2007 from ’97, and it was completely broken. I sent them a list of two dozen bugs, irritations, and limitations that were deal-breakers. I know why they have the MBG now, and I’m grateful. Sadly no one else seems to compete in this space except Microsoft Money, which is apparently just as bad.


Juan Loredo

I agree with Marcin. I was told someone was going to email me. How am I suppose to check my email without using my computer? Somehow my QuickBooks Data file was placed onto my Desktop along with other important files (hence they are not on my external hard drive). This has been a nightmare and it seems like Intuit has no answers for us. Intuit has not been proactive.

Neal Watzman

Allow me to take a contrarian view here. I just bought QB 2007, after using QB NUE that came installed on an earlier Mac of mine. It broke when I installed Leopard.

But I’m pleased. It works for me, providing me with an easy way to run my consulting practice. It’s more capable than an older version, and I’m going to get away from paper timesheets for my hourly billings and go to the QB time sheet next year.

I will be careful about doing any updates until this issue is resolved. And then some.

Marcin Grodzicki

I had a laugh at this one :) And how exactly are you supposed to e-mail your contacts to them if you have to swith off your computer right after you lost all data?

How are you supposed to read this massage btw? :)

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