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USDA Reports Biofuels Fueled Record Farm Income: A report released today from the USDA’s Economic Research Service says that biofuels have helped push net U.S. farm incomes to an all-time high, bumping up $28.5 billion dollars to $87.5 billion – Bioact.

Daimler Gets 1,000 Orders For Hybrid Bus: New York MTA plans to replace half its fleet with the diesel-electric hybrid buses which get 30 percent better fuel economy while emitting 90 percent less particulate matter, 40 percent less NOx and 30 percent fewer greenhouse gases – Green Car Congress.

Stanford Study Says Wind Can Provide Solid Energy: The study says that by interconnecting multiple wind farms wind energy can provide a reliable base at lower costs than present – Stanford News Service.

Bio-Based Bulk Chemicals Could Save 1B Tons of Carbon: Analysis from Dutch researchers at Utrecht University suggests that using biomass as a feedstock for making bulk chemicals, the basic chemicals used to make other chemicals, instead of petrochemicals could keep 1 billion tons of CO2 out of the atmosphere – Biopact.

IBM Finds Consumers Willing to Pay More For Green: A study conducted by Big Blue found that the majority of consumers in developed countries would pay more for environmentally friendly energy but were uninformed of their energy options – IBM.

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