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Every once-in-a-while I find an application like Jott that truly revolutionizes the way I organize my life.

We all write notes on pieces of paper, napkins, etc.; but they often get lost in the shuffle. Jott comes along and helps you consolidate your tasks, notes, and events into one spot. All you do it call the Jott number, and you hear a voice that says: “What do you want to Jott?” You then give the folder name you’ve created, contact, or application and simply speak your message. Jott translates voice into text and then, based on your preferences, either e-mails you or adds the event. It also stores the message for historical purposes on the Jott website.

The premise is simple, the sign-up is easy. After signing up you can then call the Jott number to record messages instantly.

Jott has tapped into some of the most popular APIs including Google Calendar, Twitter, Tumblr, and even amongst others. You can do things like create a folder, associate it with a co-worker/team member, and when you post to that folder it sends them an e-mail with the tasking. You essentially have an on-the-go project management utility.

Jott can extend beyond its predefined Jott links. For example, to use Jott with Outlook, simply use the Plaxo application as a synchronization tool between Outlook and Google Calendar. Now, when you post to Google Calendar from your Jott account it will automatically be synced with your Outlook calendar.


  • An add-on for managing Jotts directly inside Microsoft Outlook. It would be nice to create tasks, notes, events, etc. without using an extra application such as Plaxo.
  • The ability to send text messages to my Jott number and have them be translated into Jotts.

Have you tried Jott? Are you finding it useful?


James Whatley

@Jon Moss – Give us a shout if I can help out at all re: Your SpinVox sign up.

I work at SpinVox as don’t mind sharing that we’re live not just in the UK, but also in the US, Spain, Australia, South Africa and Canada.

As well as offering conversions in four different languages…


Jon Moss

Spinvox sounds like the solution in the Uk – but having tried to sign up 3 times, and with zero success, I am rather gutted!

Come on Spinvox, what’s the story!?


Yeah, sounds great. If only it worked in Canada. There is an Ontario number but the rest of the Great White North has been snubbed.


I think Jott is awesome. I have been using it for about a month. It is very practical for personal management applications but also has huge potential for communicating with teams as well. One of the best apps to come along in a while.


I’m finding I use it a lot more since they added the Google Calendar and Xpenser integration.

Jeff B

I have been using Jott for a few months. I use it off and on until they added the reminder feature recently. Now I find that I use it all the time. You definitely have to speak clear or make sure there is not loud ambient noise. I am however impressed with it translation abilities.

My only Wish would be an easier way to make it work with my blog (wordpress). I find the email function is not adequate.

Good post.


I’ve been using Jott for months and it’s easily one my most used tools. It was very quickly added to my speed dial once I got my account set up. I’ve heard/read many complaints about Jott’s accuracy in translating speech. You do have to speak clearly. I know I have a tendency to mumble so I always make sure to speak clearly and the translation tends to be really accurate. Jott recently added a Reminder feature that is great. Once you call in, you say “Reminder”. The service asks you for a day and time and you leave your reminder. Then at the specified time, Jott will email/SMS you a reminder depending on your settings. I would add one thing to the wishlist: I would like to be able to configure an additional phone to work with my account. Jott recognizes you based on your caller ID. I don’t get the best cell service in my office so I’d like to be able to use my office phone to leave Jotts. At this point I think the only way I could do this is to set up a second account.

My biggest concern is their long term future. I’m not sure how they are making money. I’d hate to lose this service, but I intend to use it while it’s around.

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