Homer Simpson Takes a Picture of Himself Every Day for 39 Years


The Simpsons playfully reinterpreted the seminal web video Noah takes a photo of himself every day for 6 years in this Sunday’s episode.

Here’s Homer Simpson, reimagined for the last 39 years:

And here’s the original from photographer Noah Kalina (a YouTube favorite, with over 7 million views, also viewed heavily on its original location on Vimeo):

While the cries of “Death to Poochie” seem inevitable, who didn’t see YouTube looming on the list of referenced cultural memes, a list that has already included everything from Mel Brooks to German expressionist cinema?

The Boondocks also appropriated visual cues from “the street” (of Timid Deer Lane, mind you) when Grandpa Freeman lashed out at new neighbor Thugnificent in his self-produced dis rhyme video. That South Park hasn’t attacked YouTube probably has something to do with the producers’ laissez-faire attitude toward wide web distribution and success on that very service.

The scales of visual language moving towards a balance by way of a photographer’s simple-yet-genius idea making it into the lexicon? I call that progress. After all, if we’re allowed to mash up The Simpsons, they should be allowed to borrow back from time to time.

The thing is, The Simpsons writers apparently didn’t handle the parody appropriately, if you go by what Kalina wrote on his site today. While the show visually alluded to Kalina’s video, it straight-up used the soundtrack, an original song called Everyday that was written by Carly Comando. Kalina wrote,

A few months back a producer from the Simpsons contacted Carly about using her song ‘everyday’ for an upcoming episode in which they were going to parody my video. She was negotiating a rate for the song, until they never got back to her. No fee was agreed on, no contracts signed. She and I both assumed that they were no longer interested in using her song for the show. Last night the episode aired and sure enough her song is part of the show.

What’s up with that?!

I am thrilled that the Simpsons parodied me, but Carly should have been compensated.

Regardless of how much things change, it seems they stay the same.



Очень интересно! Судя по некоторым откликам ….


“Достаточно интересная и познавательная тема”


Очень рада, что возникло желание взять этот пост в цитатник!


Ничего себе подборочка!!!!!!! Великолепно!


потрясающие идеи…нам перенять бы …великолепно.


вот это позитив) просто класс)


“отличный блог! отличные посты”

Liz Gannes

The Simpsons writers are also trying to compensate for using the song. From Noah Kalina’s blog:

“I just received a phone call from one of the writers of the Simpsons. He told me that the issue with Carly’s song/money was a mistake and they are doing what they can to correct it.
Thank you to everyone who was concerned.”


Liz Gannes

I was hoping it would be available from the clips section of Hulu, but no such luck. C’mon FOX — this is the kind of meme material you should post a legit version of as soon as it happens!

Jackson West

As of 1:50pm EST tomorrow I will be done with school, promise.

And yeah, funny that this came up in the midst of the Lane Hartwell debate. Why did I go to school to become an entertainer, and not an entertainment lawyer?

Frank Sinton

Well. that was fast – video is no longer available due to a 20th Century Fox copyright claim (according to YouTube). Maybe we can go find it on Dailymotion.

Schlomo Rabinowitz

Lane Harwell is gonna be PISSED!

just kidding.

Strange that they would drop the ball on licensing the song; that doesnt seem right… or maybe that is also under the Parody Umbrella?

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