British women to buy more tech goodies than men

UK retailer John Lewis is reporting that they expect women to buy more electronic goods than men this holiday season. 

Helen Keppel Compton at the company told The Sunday Times that a “tippingpoint” had been reached this winter and women would be responsible forbetween 50% and 60% of all purchases in its electrical departments duringthe festive season.

She said most of the women were buying gadgets such as digital radios, iPodsand digital photo frames. “The appeal of technology to women iscross-generational, from young women who have grown up with technology, towomen who have been exposed to technology at work and older, motivatedself-learners who are all embracing new products which help them capturememories, stay organised and keep in touch,” she said.

This is cool but I wonder what research they are using to make this claim.  I wonder what the percentage of electronic gadgets are being snapped up by women in the US?

(via Sunday Times)


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