Apple’s New Look

Apple certainly did “Think Different” when they began using the white body iMacs. Soon it transcended across all Apple products and accessories. Is a new trend coming? One away from the white light?

From the launch of the iPhone it became clear that Apple was reinventing their look. All previous artist renderings referred to Apple’s classic white approach. But with metal, glass and black accents, it was clear Apple was entering into a new phase and a new look. The new iMac redesign became another indicator for Apple’s changing taste. Now rumors are abound concerning metallic MacBooks. Looking back on the most recent changes I think the pattern is becoming more ‘clear’. With iPods no longer offered in the classy white casing, soon nothing will be left. Even the rumored Cinema Displays will probably become twins to the new iMac casing.

Can we expect accessories to follow suite? New metallic keyboards may not fully translate the new style, but I think we’re beginning to see the picture…the new Apple. Perhaps businesses will find them more suitable? Or consumers will appreciate the finer materials? Either way, soon enough the Mighty Mouse will be the last of its kind. A plastic white figure, in an aluminum world.


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