Thinking Of Online Video Ads? Here’s A Price List

The major online video sites offers a very simple choice when it comes to advertising rates: pay $90 CPMs on the high end or $10 to $20 CPMs on the low end. WebVideoReport provides a comparison price list of eight sites, demonstrating what marketers can expect to pay in general. These prices seem to be in line with broadcast TV; a media buyer I spoke with said that on average, the major networks charge about $25 CPMs, with $40 CPMs commanded by highly rated shows.

The high end: At $90 CPMs, WSJ packages ads that run across the Wall Street Journal Digital Network, covering,, and CondeNet, considered to be on the high side, offers only flat fees for sponsorships and wouldn’t reveal what it charges for CPMs. Advertising Age also offers flat fees. To get pre-roll spots on Bob Garfield