SOLD- Fujitsu P1610 Tablet PC with full kit


UPDATE: the Fujitsu has been sold.  Thanks for all the offers.

You are no doubt familiar with my coverage of the Fujitsu P1610 Tablet PC, aptly named Miyagi.  The Fujitsu has served me well as you can follow here on jkOnTheRun but due to some circumstances I find it necessary to sell it.  It’s not easy to do but I can use the money this holiday season plus I have no desk space for all the other gear I have.  The P1610 has XP Tablet Edition, a 1.2 GHz Core Solo, 1 GB of memory, 80 GB hard drive, touch screen with palm rejection technology, WiFi, Bluetooth, and a fingerprint sensor.  The P1610 is still being actively sold by Fujitsu and Miyagi has been lovingly maintained and is in near new condition.  I have a full kit of accessories which will go with Miyagi:

  • Two extended batteries (5 hours run time each)
  • Standard battery
  • Extra A/C adapter
  • Docking station
  • Waterfield Designs SleeveCase custom fitted

I have the original shipping containers and all recovery media and manuals. If you purchased this whole kit new it would run you $2,707 as I just priced it from Fujitsu plus $78 for the SleeveCase.  I am offering the entire kit for the best offer I receive, which must be prepaid through PayPal.  If you have been wanting to pick up the P1610 but waiting for a good price now is your chance.  I am looking to sell it quickly so if you want to make me an offer please email me at      jk AT jkontherun DOT com.



James Kendrick

The Fujitsu has been sold. Thanks for all who made offers and sorry for those who were not successful. I’m having second thoughts now about selling Miyagi, it’s a great device and the new owner will be thrilled I am sure.


FPr… if you feel it necessary to provide your cautionary advice, so be it. However, I doubt you are the gold standard for consumer awareness – and I suspect many of those interested are more than able to judge what is a fair price. Besides, the free market works on the interaction between the buyer and seller. This isn’t a charity. Don’t go around implying others are being deceptive when you have no proof of such behaviour. You however, have only come off looking petty and mean spirited.


I don’t know, he may not be deceptive, but it’s sure spooky that he’s selling his tablet pc moments after buying a newer tablet pc. Coincidence? I’d say spooky.

And definitely weird that he called the posters yahoos intead of googles or altavistas. Subliminal message here?

And how many of us really “know” him, anyway? Sure, he makes appearances on websites, but his caricature looks an awful lot like Max Headroom, whom we know was an actor playing a digitally generated character. How many of us have been in the same room with Max Headroom and James at the same time? Could it be possible that he’s a digitally created character posing as an actor playing a digitally created actor playing James?

Sharon, if you’re listening, I’d so much more go for this deal than the other Fujitzu. If it weren’t that I maxed my entire life earnings out on tablet PCs, I’d be all over this one.

Dave P

As a loyal reader of this blog I resent the comments which seem to impugn James’s honesty. It’s standard practice at ebay to provide list prices and he never implied he expected offers that high. If I hadn’t maxed out my cards and got the OQO, I’d make an offer. FYI ebay auction (recently closed) have been running $1-1.5k for just the PC.


James Kendrick

OK, if you’re going to call me deceptive then I will call you yahoos. I used the Fujitsu web site because they are the manufacturer and their prices are the retail prices. Of course you can find deals cheaper than that, checking on that is up to the buyer.

But you obviously don’t know me at all if you’re going to call me deceptive for this simple posting.

Mike Cane

WTF?! $600 for a Core Solo 1 and 80GB HD and 1GB RAM and touchscreen?!

Just $200 more than an EeePC?

*shakes head in disbelief*


it doesnt matter what you guys perceived as negativity, emotions dont matter in business.

James obviously used the Fujitsu website because he knew it would price out the highest. he did this in hopes that it would raised the used value of the device. be blind to it if you like, but it’s still true (and a very common thing for people to do)… i imagine James response to this would be “i cant shop everywhere for the lowest price & post it”, but he was still fully aware of his actions & why.

battery comment is true, James is a mobile guy & i’m sure many cycles have been used.

you would pay $1,000 for a device that i can get for $1,1000 -$1,200 brand new? then you my friend are a moron. your bias obviously comes from the fact you already own the device & have a vested interest in it retaining a high value, so you find $500 to be an “insult”. salmans offer of $600 is far more realistic. anyone who offers more than that just for the machine simply doesnt know what theyre doing.


wow… that was a bunch of unwarranted negativity there (i.e. previous comment)…
Personally, I have kind of come to trust James as one of his regular readers/audience… I would like to offer $600… I will be willing to go higher if there are other offers… I am fairly certain you’ll get higher offers – but I’d like to try anyways… I am in Toronto, Canada – will you be willing to ship to Canada? I am a regular ebayer (50+) with a verified paypal account and two past ebay laptop purchases (one being the hp TC1000 tablet)
Let me know :)


FPr: Then don’t buy it! It’s an auction, so nobody’s being forced into any price, and so your comments are irrelevant. Saying that the laptop & AC adapter is not even worth $500 is ridiculous. I’d gladly pay $1,000 for that alone, but I already have one.

I don’t mean to be flaming, but I just want to balance an irrelevant comment like that so people aren’t frightened off from what looks to me to be a perfect opportunity to get what is IMO the best ultra-portable on the market for few $.


I am an active member of the LeoG community

1. pricing it through the Fujitsu website (looks like you even included tax to) is ridiculous. NOBODY buys it direct from them, you can save hundreds of dollars through distributors (like newegg) & not pay any tax either. using the highest possible dollar per dollar price in hopes of running up the used value is very devious.

2. it’s used & so are the batteries, no telling how many cycles are left.

3. the long awaited successor is coming in January, which i suspect you already know (and the real reason your selling now, before the value drops even more).

the laptop & AC adapter itself isnt even worth $500. any additional batteries someone should just buy new instead.

*whether people want that slipcase & dock is up to them.

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