What's Good This Morning


  • Like India, Vodafone ‘hearts’ Brazil: I guess they are happy with BRI (Brazil-Russia-India) and leave the C (China) alone for now.)
  • Verizon has launched its FiOS TV service in Oregon, making it the 13th state where the company is offering an alternative to cable TV.
  • Analysys On Verizon Open: “Verizon’s decision to open up the network to new devices and applications is a positive development, and we believe that other carriers in the US market will launch similar initiatives sooner rather than later. “
  • Crash & Die: Pingdom’s list of thing we would like to see crash on the Internet. Spam server and other crap like that makes the list. You have some more suggestions.
  • Boston Globe reviews the music players with wireless connectivity. Good article to read before you purchase your next device or stocking stuffer.
  • BlogBoing: Like Beacon, Google Analytics knows way too much about our surfing habits, though it doesn’t tell your friends that you bought a ring for your girlfriend.

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