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Outhink and Ourmedia Merge, Will Launch Bid4Vid

Early video hosting and sharing site Ourmedia is joining forces with Outhink Media, a video tools company. Ourmedia, which is tightly integrated with the non-profit Internet Archive, had not gotten official 501(c)3 non-profit status, but it was operating on a volunteer basis without profits. To complete the transaction, Outhink paid Ourmedia’s debts (about $5,200), and made a $7,500 donation to the Internet Archive.

ourmedia_masthead.gifOurmedia, which launched in March 2005 and has 145,000 members, is changing focus from “being a giant hard drive in the sky,” as founder JD Lasica put it, to a social network and resource center for media producers.

“Technically it’ll be a for-profit, but it won’t be making a profit,” Lasica said. “Our goal is basically to be self-sustaining, to make sure the site is stabilized and works.” Outhink had previously supported Ourmedia through donations of servers and development resources, which rescued the site from recurring crashes.

As well, Lasica, also operating under the Outhink umbrella, will launch a for-profit site called Bid4Vid that will be a marketplace for video services. The idea, which Lasica calls “an eBay for video services,” is to provide a way for video producers and advertisers that want to create short-form videos to find one other. Other players in this space include StudioNow and XLNTAds.

We’d previously written about another Outhink project, the peer-to-peer collaboration tool SpinXpress.

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