Interview: Jeremy Allaire, CEO, Brightcove: We Made Multiple Bets, and The Platform Side Won

Brightcove, the online video service provider, has seen its share of ups and down in its short three year history since it launched. It has raised about $80 million since it was founded in 2004, and expectations have been high since the start (Barry Diller is an investor and on the board of the company). Whether it has delivered on it is debatable, though the company thinks it is too early in the lifecycle of online video sector to judge.

Recently it has been in the news for closing its consumer service and focusing on bigger media companies. Earlier this month I spoke to the founder and CEO Jeremy Allaire, about the company’s progress and lessons it learned, as well as his view on the future of online video.

The full audio of the interview is here for download (32 minutes, 12.8 MB)

Rafat: There has been a lot of coverage about Brightcove in the last couple of months, about your closure of the consumer service, and other issues. So the learnings the company has had, some changes in focus if that’s what you think it is for the company, how has 2007 been for Brightcove? How have the things changed since the money came in? Lots more in the extended entry

Allaire: I’ll go back a little further than that just for context. When I started the company in 2004, the notion of Internet TV didn