Six Tech Predictions for 2008


It’s only a matter of days until 2008, and next year promises to bring some significant changes that will affect web workers. In this post, I’ve rounded up six predictions that may affect you next year, in some cases possibly profoundly.

The Arrival of 802.11n Wireless Technology. Many people, especially those using Macs, have already adapted next-generation, Draft 802.11n Wi-Fi technology, which offers much faster wireless speeds. The proposed standard is supposed to be ratified in 2008, though, and that will cause many more business people to move to the new flavor of Wi-Fi, along with many new kinds of devices you can put on your 802.11n network.

Look for Lower Entry Points in Computer Pricing. The month of November already brought several key challenges to both desktop and notebook pricing models. Asus’ Eee PC line includes $300 and $400 notebook computers stocked exclusively with open-source software. Meanwhile Everex’s new gPCs are desktop systems running only open source software that you can get for under $200. In 2008, look for more reductions in computer pricing, and additions to these product lines.

Brighter Prospects for Open Source Offerings. The world of open source is no longer only about Linux, although many bright things are going on with Linux distros and applications. Lots of people are waking up to the free applications available for the PC and the Mac, and to Widgets, Gadgets and free collections of applications from companies such as Google. Expect much more of this in 2008.

A Jump Up in Hostpot Usage. In a recent report from iPass based on data from over 3,500 businesses, business use of Wi-Fi hotspots was shown to be up 68 percent between the first half of 2007 and the first half of 2006. Meanwhile, many more hotspots are starting up, and there are growing efforts to Wi-Fi-enable entire cities. Expect the numbers to jump up in 2008.

More Musical Chairs Among Social Networks. Social networking online was written off not too long ago as a playground exclusively for young people, but there are now so many social networks, and enough business applications for them, that steady migration from one network to the next is going on. Expect more types of social networks in 2008, and more people migrating from one network to the next.

Brand New Applications Based on Short-Range Wireless Improvements. Wireless USB and High-Speed Bluetooth have both been waiting for their moments in the sun. In 2008, expect them to get their moments, along with entirely new short-range wireless applications. Wireless USB, in particular, is poised to start allowing for applications like easy, fast wireless transfers of video, photos, and more—much as people currently do these transfers on a wired basis. The first quarter of next year will see a wave of consumer electronics products with Wireless USB embedded.

Do you have any tech predictions for 2008?



good list to answer your question we have more. we added it to where we track bloggers’ media predictions


I also believe that a more simple phone will gain a foothold this year. A phone that only makes calls and stores numbers will become the next Apple. Brian is right , I’ve never seen the appeal of watching a tiny itty bitty screen. And could it be true..? yes , I believe that Myspace TV will come up very rapidly and challenge The Mighty Tube. On the eco front , I see ethanol fizzling out and the intro of methane plants dominating the energy industry. Merry Christmas to Web-Workers the world over.


1. People will get sick of being “bitten” by people they don’t know in Facebook.

2. Thousands more will come late to the myspace party and create ugly pages that have 3 songs playing at once.

3. There will be a growing movement of people against always being connected and looking for devices that do 1 thing well instead of 10 things average.

4. People who review mobile phones will continue to give lower marks because the built in camera doesn’t take great pictures. Guess what its a PHONE!!! You want to take pictures and movies go buy something that does that.

5. There will be a usb device that connects to my toilet so I can truly keep the world up to date on what I am doing in real-time on Twitter.

6. Chiropractic care will become a booming business as people with neck problems grow from everyone looking down at a 2 inch screen to watch movies.

7. Criminals overseas will create a kick ass web 2.0 application and connect all of your IM’s, EMAIL and Social sites in one place. Catch is you need to give them all those passwords and you will. Several months later you won’t be able to access of them as they steal your identity.

8. The next Internet bubble will start to occur and everyone who realized you can’t ship a 50 pound bag of dog food for free and make money the first time around will wake up and say, hmmmm I’m 6 degrees from Kevin Bacon but how am I going to make a nickel off of this. Oh well — at least Mary from State College bite me in facebook last night! WOHOO!!!!


FWIW, i think the shortrange wireless space is still going to be a few years away. The protocols are not close to seamless enough in their user experience, except in the case of prorpietary systems. Even if all of the tech were in place this coming year, it would still take several years for it to be widely disseminated enough in the market place for the development of applications/business models around it to make economic sense.

Shortrange wireless, “personal area networks,” and the like have been one of those “just over the horizon” tech things for year – like the semantic web and fusion power. Nice to imagine, further away than we think! (IMHO)

Mario Olckers

@Leonid, amen brother! I wanted to chime in with something about Web 2.0 and custom/personal publishing technologies i.e. blogging as social networking portals, but you already covered all that ;)

merry christmas to everyone from Hogsback Media Networks, South Africa

@WWD, thanks for brilliant resource

Leonid Mamchenkov

I don’t have anything specific in mind right now, but I guess the overall trend will continue:

1. Technology is getting cheaper and more powerful – desktops, laptops, mobiles, networks…

2. Technology is getting more mobile – smart phones, PDAs, WiFi…

3. The overall move towards the Web will continue – Google applications, Yahoo services, social networks, more Web 2.0 startups…

4. Because of the above, more and more and more people will get online. This will lead to more and more content being published, so we’ll see more advances in the following three points:

5. Content publishing tools will continue to improve – blogging, podcasting, picture sharing, etc.

6. Search tools will continue to improve – Google search, domain/scope based search engines, tagging, RSS search engines, etc.

7. We’ll have more ads. Video, audio, links, gadgets, mobile.. whatever it takes.

That’s roughly how I see the coming year(s). :)


More content in various languages: As the world embraces the internet with open arms, i predict more content to be created in foreign languages. Also the prime properties of the internet will continue to aggressively grab a piece of that action.

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