How to Have a Great Web Meeting


Long-time telecommuter Pete Johnson offers some great tips for holding a web meeting, which he sums up like this:

  • Distribute a numbered agenda before the meeting that clearly defines why each person’s attendance is necessary and follow it during the proceedings. It’s too easy for people to be distracted if they don’t have a good reason to be there.
  • Without body language and facial expressions to help you interrupt long-winded people, put a system in place for making sure everyone gets a chance to speak.
  • Be clear about your desktop sharing connection logistics before the meeting starts so you don’t burn valuable time synchronizing everyone once the meeting has started.
  • Don’t share your entire desktop if you can at all avoid it and be conscious of color differences or lags that your participants might be experiencing as you go through your presentation.
  • Be a good participant by being engaged in the conversation, making use of IM to alert the facilitator when you do need to focus your energies elsewhere or to have side conversations about the topic at hand.

Go check out the full article on InfoQ to learn more about how you can make sure your web-based meetings with remote colleagues and associates are productive and worthwhile.

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Padhu Gana


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Pete Johnson

@will – Great point about cross OS needs. I don’t personally have to deal with that, but I can see how that would be a big problem. Thanks for bringing it up.

Pete Johnson Chief Architect
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in prepping for meetings, we’ve become very aware that both within our company and customer base, not everyone is running on the same operating system. to ensure everyone who needs to present is viewable to everyone else in the meeting, we’ve switched our web conference service to Yugma ( they’re the only product out there that we’ve found to be presenter friendly to both windows and macs. they say that linux presentation is close to come out to make the product fully cross-platform. this is exciting and encouraging for companies everywhere!

Anthony Russo

Don’t count on VOIP alone. At least not yet. It works, but not enough to base your business on. Always use a TeleConference call with your WebConference when available as the audio will be clearer, and without lag.

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