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Google Sync for Blackberry Calendar

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When it comes to working with Google data on mobile devices, Google isn’t all about the iPhone after all. A few weeks after Google updated their cross-platform Maps application comes some new love for those of us with Blackberry devices.

Sync connects the native Blackberry calendar to Google Calendar. Once installed, you simply tell it which Google calendars to sync and the rest takes care of itself automatically. In quick tests on a Blackberry 8800 it works very well. Faster and more functional than visiting your calendar page in a mobile browser. Perhaps support for Nokia and Windows Mobile devices won’t be far behind?

Read more on the new Official Google Mobile blog.

In other Google/Blackberry news, they’ve also introduced an updater application to keep track of the latest versions of all these applications on your device.

5 Responses to “Google Sync for Blackberry Calendar”

  1. Hi Judi, Google sync works very well. Have you noticed the new menu items in the BlackBerry 8800 native calendar? “Map it” as well as “Google sync”

    My business Proxpro has a new product called “Prompt” that fuses the BlackBerry calendar to GPS, in effect adding a time dimension to navigation. It calculates the travel duration and real-time traffic on your next trip and it tells you when to leave. On route it reassures you that there are no congestion surprises ahead, and for future trips it give you travel duration at the time of travel. You can see the YouTube demo at

    Let me know if you’d like more information.


    Julian Bourne
    CEO & Founder
    Proxpro Inc.

  2. BB Junkie

    Google sync looked like my solution. My enterprise uses NotifyLink which is a complete disaster as a synching product to Groupwise. I synched to Outlook, exported my calendar as a cvs file to get all my current entries into Google calendar. Loaded Google sync to my ATT 8800, I was a pig is S _ _ _.

    Then… I realized that not all the entries that I was creating were synching. I gave my secretary full editing permission to y calendar (and asked to keep a record of all changes while I test the syncing.) The initial tests passes. When we moved to “production”, I saw that some appointments that were created on Google calendar never synched to my BBerry, and some from my BBerry would appear on the calendar and then vanish from my BBerry.

    Oh well, Sync needs to go back to Google labs. it’s not ripe yet…

  3. …WHAT?!?

    …Do you KNOW how long I’ve been waiting for this?!?

    It’s about bloody time! Of course, it would be nice if Google could do like Yahoo and get full integration with Blackberry Desktop…and to keep up with Yahoo, they’d need to sync Gmail contacts and Google Notebook as well.

    …but this is a start!