Bush Unleashes New National Nightmare


The White House has released its annual holiday video, Barney Cam VI: Holiday in the National Parks, and it’s enough to make even the staunchest Republican vote for Hillary. Let’s not mince words: It is the dumbest video ever put online (and I sat through Roommates).

It chronicles President Bush’s dogs, Barney and Mrs. Beazley, as they try to become “Junior Park Rangers,” all along the way learning how valuable our national parks are (presumably for drilling oil), and meeting luminaries like the Secretary of the Interior, country singer/jingoist Alan Jackson and former British Prime Minister Tony Blair.

I’m not sure what’s worse, the fact that the video’s producers think this is 1955, with kids across the country donning Daniel Boone hats, guzzling Ovaltine and wishing to be “Junior Park Rangers,” or the fact that no one in the White House can read from cue cards with any subtlety.

Watch and enjoy — after all, your tax dollars paid for it.


Not a Neanderthal

Good post Chris. Ignore the whines of republican nutcases. They will jump up and down for a video here but stay impotent when the country is ripped of with just lies. Don’t allow your freedom of expression curtailed by the whines of scumbags. We like your take on these issues.


Hell knows no fury like that of a Republican scorned.

Lighten up Chuck and Tribster- Sounds like you two need to go hang with your Republican pals in the Minneapolis airport. You two could use the release…

Chris Albrecht

Tribster: using the d-bag word’s a little harsh, don’t you think? I did speak highly of Mike Huckabee when he was one of the only people who responded to 10Questions:

And before that, I enjoyed the fact that he used Chuck Norris in his ad campaign:

I do know what the word means, perhaps my hyperbole got the best of me.

Chuck Funman

Chris, you’ve got an awesome case of Bush Derangement Syndrome. Let it go, life’s too short. Naturally, people like change but if electing a Republican would be a step backward, wouldn’t electing a Clinton be two steps back? I’m with you in objecting that tax dollars are spent on useless crap! Trouble is, that’s a long list of pork!


Do you actually know what jingoist mean? Doesn’t really fit in your story regarding Alan Jackson. Maybe you should invest in a thesaurus…


Chris you’ve and newteevee have made it all but clear you “Douchebags” are voting for and support her. so what’s the problem?

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