Reminder Service Kwiry Launches; Do Ads Need Reminders?

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San Francisco-based kwiry has launched a “reminder service” — put simply, if someone sees something when they’re out and about that they want to remember they send a text message to 59479 (kwiry) and it gets sent to their e-mail and stored at It’s a very simple idea, with the main drawback being that people can just store info in their handsets and check it later. Of course, then it wouldn’t also be in their e-mail inbox, and that seems to be the crux of kwiry’s business model. Companies which want to direct users to an online site can get them to send an SMS to kwiry with a specific keyword, and they then get sent the details of the site. For example, GamePro Magazine uses it to direct people to Once again, something easy enough for people to do (just type in a URL), kwiry just lets people send a reminder… The company raised $1 million in funding from Hummer Winblad Venture back in March.

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Hi James,

Thanks for posting about our launch! As you said, there are definitely some people who like to use the memo function of their smartphones or e-mail themselves notes. However, we've found in our research there's a significant amount of folks for whom that doesn't work. We save you some steps and make the process as simple as possible by immediately associating search results with your kwiry online.

For advertisers or media companies, we help them replace long URLS in ads and traditional media (like the 88 character URL for this post) with simple 4-6 character codes or keywords that can translate into deep links and be sent via e-mail, RSS, facebook, etc. and automatically shared with friends and the community at This helps them to drive measurable and viral traffic to their websites.

I encourage everyone to sign-up (it's free) and try it out. Please e-mail me with any questions you don't see covered in the FAQ or feedback at

-Ron (CEO & co-founder of kwiry)

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