Viva La HD Revolution!

It was only last month that we questioned whether HD online mattered, and Om asked last summer if web video was ready for an upgrade. From the flurry of recent announcements, it looks like the answer to both question is “yes.”

Forget HD being the hot topic of 2008, it’s the hot topic right now. Here’s a roundup of HD news since just the start of December:

We won’t be immersing ourselves in the lush, vibrant world of HD online quite yet. There are still some technical hurdles to overcome, and in the case of NBC Direct, it remains to be seen if people will suffer the total inconvenience of a clunky download for a sharper picture. But we’re just at the cusp, with lots of solutions and no clear-cut winner.

What do you think. Has HD’s time come? When will it be prevalent? What else needs to happen? Make your thoughts crystal clear in our comments.