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Using Helium Isotopes as a Geothermal Divining Rod: Detecting helium isotopes on the surface using mass spectrometry could be the key to easily finding sites for geothermal power plants – MIT Technology Review and Renewable Energy Access.

Toshiba’s New Battery Charges in Five Minutes: Toshiba is set to release a new lithium ion battery early next year that can get 90 percent of its charge back in five minutes of charging – CleanTech.

Shell Plans to Grow Algae for Biofuel: Shell is planning on building a test facility in Kona, HI to grow algae for biofuel which they say can provide 15 times more oil than food crops per hectare – The Guardian.

EnerDel to Bring High-Power Automotive Battery to Market: EnerDel hopes to get the battery on the market by the end of 2008 which, with its active anode and cathode, will offer higher power and longer life than traditional lithium ion batteries – Green Car Congress.

Malawian Builds Wind Mill From Bicycle Parts: Self-taught William Kamkwamba has built three windmills, the tallest of which at 39-feet powers his family’s TV, radio, and ten light bulbs –

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