Monitor Greenhouse Gas With IBM's GreenCert


IBM today released greenhouse gas emissions-metering software called GreenCert. Made in collaboration with Enterprise Information Management Inc. and Evergreen Energy Inc., GreenCert takes data from a variety of emissions-monitoring sources and synthesizes it into Certified Carbon Emissions Reduction Credits (CCERC) that can be sold on the open carbon market. CCERCs are valued between $3 and $8 per metric ton, according to Big Blue.

Developed on IBM Websphere Portal-based software by Evergreen subsidiary C-Locks Technology, GreenCert can be deployed across a variety of industries, from data centers to cement factories to office buildings. The release follows IBM’s announcement last month that it would issue “energy efficiency certificates” to customers that reduce the energy consumption of their data centers. “This GreenCert announcement goes beyond the data center,” Tim Kounadis, director of worldwide channels and small and medium business at IBM, told Earth2Tech today. Issuing CCERCs instead of energy efficiency credits is a complimentary move, Kounadis said. “It’s about putting the data center in the context of the greater carbon footprint.”

There is currently no market for energy efficiency credits, but GreenCert could provide industries with a new revenue source by allowing companies to monitor and verify their own CCERCs. The World Bank values the global carbon market at $30 billion.

Monitoring tools and metrics have been an obstacle for the carbon market. GreenCert could provide an accessible tool to provide reliable, automated information on emissions. GreenCert will be available from C-Lock in the first half of 2008. A trial beta is available from C-Lock now; pricing will be disclosed when the software is launched.

Update: The Wall Street Journal reported today that New York Mercantile Exchange parent Nymex Holdings Inc. is planning on launching a carbon trading exchange. Scheduled to start next quarter, the “Green Exchange” will compete with the Chicago Climate Exchange as a major carbon trading market. This bodes well for IBM’s GreenCert program by creating more venues for companies to “store” and trade carbon credits.

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