Energi To Go Portable Power for iPod (News and Freebies)


Energi To Go Portable Power for iPod Energizer has released a cool new gadget to help extend the life of your iPod charge. The new Energi To Go can extend the runtime of your iPod for an additional 45+ hours of audio on a Nano and additional 11 hours of video on an 80GB video iPod.

The Energi To Go requires two e2 Lithium AA batteries (under $10) and for long trips where power outlets are scarce, this thing is a lifesaver.

The unit, does add a fairly significant amount of “bulk” to your iPod, considering most iPods are so thin…but again, I see this being used more on long trips than on your jog through the park. For the added battery life, the extra bulk is worth it.


In addition to news about the Energi To Go, Energizer and Pandora’s new message board were kind enough to hook us up with a couple of these things to give away!

All you have to do is post in the comments below how you think this would benefit you (such as a backpacking trip you’re taking, or a long flight, etc etc).

We’ll pick two winners and Energizer will ship you one of these!


Greg Singleton

Looks really good, It will work fine for the long road trips My wife and I like to take. It will also work great on flights around the country.
I would be happy to own one.


My son is going to Thailand for a Humanitarium trip with his High school in April. We just got him an 80gb Video Ipod so he can watch movies on his 22 hour flight to Thailand. Something like this extra power source would be really helpful as he could recharge his Ipod on the plane AND when in Thailand with an adapter) I know he’d reallay appreciate this additional power source.
I’ve looked at local stores but cannot find it. Winning one would be spectacular.


Portable power is a must for vacations, especially on the slopes! Was hoping to give this as a gift for Christmas. Wish I new about this sooner.

A. Kopp

I’m a film maker on the road A LOT! this would be amazing to have when you’re on a set and trying to think about a re-write or tomorrows schedule and you have your ipod drowning out the sound of the set… until the battery dies on you. Dum Da-Da-Da! Enter Energi! Glad to see one that really seems to last.


Yeah, if it doesn’t already work with the iphone, I’m sure they will be coming out with one very soon that is compatible. It’s probably just because the iphone is still so new that they haven’t developed it yet.


Chris, I agree with you, I’m certainly going to use it when I travel from Washington DC to California this weekend. That way I won’t have to recharge when I have a lay over.

Ron Green

I assume this will work with my iphone. I am handicapped and use my iPhone for everything including reading ebooks. but I’m always worried about running my battery down and not being able to use my phone.

Ashley Grayson

The Energi looks like a good job of product development, but I wouldn’t buy one just to recharge/power an iPod. However, as a recharger for my iPhone, it’s irresistible. Why then, does the manufacturer specifically omit the iPhone as a supported device?


This will be great when I use my iPhone/iPod to stream lecture to students.


I have used one of these and absolutely love it! It is so handy when your ipod runs out of batteries, and its small so you can take it anywhere.


This would be really great when I am traveling back and forth between China and California. The iPod is good for just 3-4 hours of that 13 hour flight.

Adriel Henderson

It would be a wonderful thing to know the battery is going to hold out for a full length movie on my next flight!

Jugger Grimrodd

Fantastic accessory for camping. We could rock out around the campfire for an additional 20 hours.


Scott S. Floyd

We have recently begun outdoor classroom projects where student have cases of technology equipment to help collect data for experiments. One of the items is an iPod where students watch instructional videos on the topic as well as the collection of it. They also use the iPod to record observations of the samples they are collecting. Each outdoor classroom event is an all day affair. iPods do not last that long, so they are forced to turn on and off the iPod in an attempt to save its battery for the entire day.

Our bands also use the iPods for practice sessions. Directors record music with pacing for the students to be able to practice independently. Directors also record the video from marching contests and then record their evaluations as narration and post those for iPod download. These are used on the field during practice by the director and each section leader. Again, video drains the batteries and there is no way to recharge in the field.

The Energi to Go just might be what we are looking for to remedy that issue. We appreciate your consideration.


What a cool idea. We’ll be taking part in the Oxfam Trail Walker 2008 100km 30 hour trek in aid of Oxfam and the Gurkha welfare trust.

It would certainly relieve the monotony and keep us going.
Anyone know where you can buy these online?


I work for an airline and spend large amounts of time flying and waiting. Watching all my tv I’ve put on my iPod makes it a lot more difficult to keep it charged.

rebecca schlieman

I’m taking a long flight from Raleigh to Hawaii (a couple flights really..) in a few weeks. My husband (who is terrified of flying) is coming with me. He doesn’t do well without some sort of distraction to take his mind off the flight. This would be the perfect way to keep him entertained and distracted so he doesn’t think about all the terrible things that could happen…

Dean Ellerton

We use iPods at the school I work at for lots of different things. In particular, though we use them to record audio. This woul greatly enhance our ability to capture long pieces. In addition, kids use them to go on field trips (loaded with content) and this would certainly help lengthen the real use time. A great idea!


We’re flying to Shanghai in February… we could watch movies the entire flight!

matt r

not to steal your suggestion, but i’m going to do a 105-mile hike in michigan’s upper peninsula in april and this would be PERFECT.

love the site, too ;-)

Eugene Gordin

I’m a student and I find that a lot of my time is spent on campus, and without my computer. Whether in the library or in my office, I try to not bring my computer with me as it is a HUGE distraction (I love my RSS feed but it kills my productivity!).

Since I never leave home without my iPod (and rarely turn it off), this poses a problem for me since I can’t charge it without lugging around that bulky charger.

The Energi To Go system would solve this problem by drastically extending my iPod’s battery life and allowing me to continue having my soundtrack during those long research and study sessions.

Oliver Legg

I am a Scout Leader, as part of a Scout expedition to Everest Base Camp at Easter 2008. One of these would be great to chill out at 17,600ft.



This would be awesome! I am on the road a lot and would love to have this.

Also, I’ll be starting troop school (law enforcement) in 2 few months and would love to be able to keep this in my vehicle as I commute the 2 hour drive to and from each week!

Also, at my current job we can bring our iPods and this would be great for those long night shifts to keep the power going!



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