Energi To Go Portable Power for iPod (News and Freebies)

Energi To Go Portable Power for iPod Energizer has released a cool new gadget to help extend the life of your iPod charge. The new Energi To Go can extend the runtime of your iPod for an additional 45+ hours of audio on a Nano and additional 11 hours of video on an 80GB video iPod.

The Energi To Go requires two e2 Lithium AA batteries (under $10) and for long trips where power outlets are scarce, this thing is a lifesaver.

The unit, does add a fairly significant amount of “bulk” to your iPod, considering most iPods are so thin…but again, I see this being used more on long trips than on your jog through the park. For the added battery life, the extra bulk is worth it.


In addition to news about the Energi To Go, Energizer and Pandora’s new message board were kind enough to hook us up with a couple of these things to give away!

All you have to do is post in the comments below how you think this would benefit you (such as a backpacking trip you’re taking, or a long flight, etc etc).

We’ll pick two winners and Energizer will ship you one of these!


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