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Apple’s Podcast Picks: The Onion and Ninja

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Apple listed its picks for Top Video Podcasts of 2007 today, highlighting what it felt were some of the best podcasts from big media and indie producers. Apple broke the list into two groups, one for video podcasts that were “New This Year,” and one for “Classics.”

In the “New This Year” category, The Onion News Network took the top spot.

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Ask a Ninja, meanwhile, topped the list of “Classics.”

Though there is no numerical ranking on the iTunes page, here are the top five in each category:


  1. The Onion News Network
  2. Sesame Street
  3. Slate V
  4. BoingBoing TV
  5. Anderson Cooper 360 Daily


  1. Ask a Ninja
  2. Best Week Ever
  3. Diggnation
  4. Channel Frederator
  5. Photoshop User TV

It’s amusing to think of The Onion as “new” and Ask a Ninja as “classic,” but whatever, both make me laugh. And while it’s obvious that both of those podcasts carry an established audience, it’d be nice to know how Apple’s editorial choices match up with the popular choice, but the company’s pretty stingy with stats, listing only the top podcast of the day.

New media studios were well-represented on the lists. ON NetworksFood Science, Golf Tips with Joe Beck, and Cocktails on the Fly were recognized.

Next New NetworksVOD Cars and Threadbanger got props.

And aside from Diggnation, Revision3‘s Totally Rad Show and Web Drifter were listed as well. (Disclosure: Revision3 produces the GigaOm show)

7 Responses to “Apple’s Podcast Picks: The Onion and Ninja”

  1. Thanks Josh for pointing that out! (Josh hosts the awesome Ultra Kawaii!) Channel Frederator is of course part of Next New Networks, too, so we had six podcasts on the list — as far as I know, that’s the most for any company, so we all were extra happy at our holiday party that night.

    iTunes picked a lot of great ones, but the amazing thing is that it was the tip of the iceberg — I know many of us could make lists as equally long of podcasts we all think are great, and the great thing about podcasting is that there’s something for everyone.