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PlaysForSure Rebranded To “Certified For Windows Vista”

Microsoft (NSDQ: MSFT) has rebranded its PlayForSure DRM technology to Certified for Windows Vista, a confusing move that seems more intended to promote upgrades to Vista than to promote the DRM service…which shouldn’t be that surprising considering MS deciding not to go with it for the Zune. Considering the technology is used on a wide-range of gadgets and — more importantly — Windows XP, one predictable result will be people not buying a device or service because they don’t have Vista. Ars Technica has a good summary on everything wrong with this MS initiative: “Microsoft’s PlaysForSure has always been a model of how to run a DRM ecosystem: launch a new scheme with logo, convince device makers to sign up, launch your own online music store that uses said ecosystem, drop your music store, launch your own device which uses incompatible DRM, launch new music store with same incompatible DRM, then change branding of ecosystem logo. On second thought, perhaps there’s room for improvement here.”