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Fantasy In Fishing: $ 1 Million Payout To Start the Online League

In the largest payout of its kind in a fantasy sports league, Irwin Jacobs, chairman of the professional bass-fishing tournament group FLW Outdoors, is offering a $1 million payout to the winner of his company’s newly launched online fantasy-fishing competition. The site,, was tested last year and attracted several hundred thousand participants, reports WSJ. Players don’t have to pay a fee to register a team online, but it costs $39.95 to access detailed info about the pro anglers, lake conditions and expert commentary.

The second-largest prize is the $250K paid by an online fantasy-football club.

4 Responses to “Fantasy In Fishing: $ 1 Million Payout To Start the Online League”

  1. Tom Larson

    Nice try at self promotion, Jason. For those that do not know, Jason has been working for the ATP, where he maintains their web site.

    Kirk is correct in that the only way to win a million is to guess every match of the tournament correctly (55 of them). Good luck my friend. If I do my math correct, your odds are one in two to the 55th power or one in 36 million billion.(yes, I said million billion). This does not take into account higher seeding which would slighlty lower the odds but you get the point.

    Even better, the game is limited to the first 100,000 entries. I'm assuming this was put in place to limit their liability and chances of somebody actually winning the $1 milion.

    Tell us, how many people have even come close to winning this so called $1 million? I tried to look on your site but got an error when looking at the standings…..I can't imagine why.

    Your top prize is the next one in line which is a $2,500 shopping spree. I've played a lot of fantasy sports and you wouldn't even be in the top 1000 for best prizes.

    I don't mean to bust your you know what's but don't come on here self promoting and lie to the people.

  2. Actually, there's a huge difference. ATP Tennis offers the $1 million prize only if you accurately pick 55 matches. Fantasy Fishing is offer the $1 million prize GUARANTEED to the player who has the most points at the end of the season. Not only that, but there is a $100,000 prize for finishing with the most points in each of the 7 individual tournaments. I think ATP Tennis has a ways to go to compete with that kind of payout.