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Every December the editors over at Read/WriteWeb announce their “Best Web BigCo” of the year, shortly followed by the Best Web LittleCo and Most Promising Web Company or Innovator.

This year’s best BigCo was last year’s Best LittleCo: Facebook. So I guess Mark Zuckerberg wins the day on our question of whether you are best-served to ‘Ask First or Apologize Later?’ The founder’s mea culpa over Facebook’s controversial Beacon ad plan obviously worked for someone. (Alas, not Om.)

RRW acknowledged the Beacon fiasco as “an attempt at conversational marketing,” that nevertheless “is a pointer to the future of online advertising – where your personal and social ‘attention’ data will influence the ads you see.” Proof of the innovation value here? MySpace offers a copy cat (hmm…).

So Facebook wins anyway. Runners up included: Google, Apple, Amazon, Adobe, Mozilla. Yahoo! and Microsoft were losers for the year. Read more here to understand why some of these company’s strategies worked, and why others didn’t.

We’re also sharing RWW’s award program because you still have the opportunity to case your vote for the Best Web LittleCo, do it here.

RWW welcomes your input and we encourage you to participate:

Also, we’d like your suggestions for Best LittleCo of 2007. We already have a winner in mind, but it’s not too late to influence the judges’ decision! We also want to ensure we’ve considered all possibilities, so tell us which LittleCo you think is deserving of the title.

Found|READers, make your voices heard!

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