Travel day for jkOnTheRun

Jk_icon_100pixKevin and I are traveling today to Albuquerque so we can attend the service for Marc Orchant tomorrow morning.  It’s a sad trek but the upside is we will get to see each other for a couple of days unexpectedly.  We meet up in Dallas and then fly in together to Albuquerque this afternoon.  Posting will be light but hopefully we’ll get some time to put some things up, especially with some new Tablet PCs being announced and released.

Fellow podcaster Matt Miller has come up with an interesting way to help the Orchant family and has created an Amazon affiliate account so if you’re doing online holiday shopping check out Matt’s explanation of how this works.  He’s donating all proceeds from sales to this account to the Orchant family in their time of need.  Oliver Starr has also instituted a PayPal Donation button for those who would rather help the Orchants in that manner.  Good for both of you guys to step up to help out.


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