Top Ten Video Chat Tips from SightSpeed


Wondering if you’re going to look like a dork on your next video chat? Check out these top ten tips to be video ready from video chat and videoconference service SightSpeed. Each of the tips comes with its own funny video demonstration.

SightSpeed logoIf you’re looking to try video chat, the SightSpeed service provides high-quality computer-to-computer video calls in free, plus, and business versions. In the free version, you get video chat, voice calls, instant messaging, and video mail. In the $9.95 a month plus version, you get 4-way video conferences, and unlimited video storage, among other features.

The business version launched last month offers a central management console, collaboration tools, file sharing and other features aimed at small and medium-sized versions. Pricing starts at $19.95 a month per seat.

SightSpeed is pleasant and easy to use, but does require each caller to download and install a desktop application. Fortunately, it’s available in both Windows and Mac versions. We’ve previously covered web conferencing tools, some of which offer video feeds, but SightSpeed focuses on video as the core of their offering.

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