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Dems Report on White House Climate Change Manipulation: The House Oversight and Reform Committee issued a report, which Republicans call a “partisan diatribe,” stating that the White House interference in climate change science was systematic – Yahoo.

SUVs Gobble Corn: According to the Economist filling “up an SUV’s fuel tank with ethanol [uses] enough maize to feed a person for a year” – AutoblogGreen.

Water Investments Everywhere: Ioteq, an iodine water cleaning company, raised $5M; Worldwide Water spun off Cascade EcoSolutions to filter sediment, heavy metal, and organic contaminants; Vinod Khosla has invested in desalination in Quos – Greentech Media.

Evergreen Biofuel USA and Show Me Energy Collaborate on Biomass Pellets: The biofuel producer and non-profit farm coop will build a large biomass pellet fuel production plant in the US – BusinessWire.

Hummers to Burn Gallons of Ethanol: By 2010 all Hummers will be flex-fuel, allowing them to burn ethanol or biodiesel. Insert oxymoronic hypocrisy joke here – AutoblogGreen.


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