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One to Watch: Qik Live Video,, Zannel, Seesmic and the like had better watch out: A startup we just heard about is doing live video streaming directly from cell phones. The service, called Qik, is a product of Santa Clara, Calif.-based Visivo Communications. We haven’t yet had a chance to talk to the company or try it ourselves, but if you have a fancy Nokia phone you should try to get into the alpha test.


Here’s the big-picture idea from the Visivo about page:

Visivo is an early stage, well funded startup that is pioneering the next generation of video communication experience that is embedded into web pages and social networks and seamlessly works across all devices – from cell phone, game consoles to computers.

The Qik site describes the product as “a little piece of software that enables you to stream videos directly from your phone to the Web.” It supports both private and public video viewing, and you can automatically send your videos to Twitter as well as archive them for later viewing. Visivo’s team, lead by CEO Ramu Sunkara, has experience with video conferencing and VoIP from Oracle and SPIRIT DSP.

As we mentioned above, the technological advance of streaming live from a handset would be a step up from personal video products from companies like,, Zannel and Seesmic — which either have a lag time for uploading video or require a videocamera that’s an additional standalone device or attached to a cumbersome computer. There are a lot of startups attacking the same market from slightly different angles, but this is one of the first we’ve seen that may have mastered video streams right from the cell phone. We’ll have to see if Qik can survive the pitiful bandwidth we get on mobile networks.

AT&T is also running trials of a live video-sharing service, as it discussed at NewTeeVee Live.

25 Responses to “One to Watch: Qik Live Video”

  1. You must be kidding, right? The guys from bambuser, working from their living room it seems, have been doing this for over a year with all sorts of phones! Try it- it’s free, it works, and you can even use your phone as a web cam over wi-fi…

  2. The problem with all these companies is that their service only works on Symbian based Nokia and Sony Ericsson handsets. Which in turn are irrelevant for this market

    We need to see stuff that works that are not Java based or on a Symbian platform.

  3. Have you guys tried It’s really easy to use and the possibilities in terms of sharing content are endless. You can upload content from your phone to the kyte application. Also, it works incredible with myspace and facebook…….it’s worth checking out.

  4. I think they are not alone. I came across these guys about a month ago and registered to the alpha. Got my account a week ago and this is for real!! very good quality broadcast and got it working also on my Sony Ericsson with a J2ME client.
    The Alpha is almost fully featured and feels like a social network app. Just from watching QIK videos it seems that Flixwagon has an advantage but let’s see.

    Flixwagon claims they will be open soon…