Dell XT Tablet PC launches today

We confirmed that Dell would be launching the XT Tablet PC today and our information is correct as Dell has done so as expected.  The Latitude XT is a real powerhouse mobile PC with a dual digitizer allowing both pen and touch interaction as expected.  Those folks at GottaBeMobile have the full details along with the press release and Linda Epstein of Tablet PC2 has done her usual great job and gotten some hands-on photos of the Dell.  The big boys at Engadget have gotten a brief hands-on session with the new Dell and have written up their impressions.  They found the new Dell to be very solid and well constructed (the word sexy was used) and seem overall to be impressed.  What has surprised everyone, myself included, is Dell’s announced pricing.  They have stated that the XT Tablet PC will start at $2499.  Say what?  That is $700 more than I paid for my HP 2710p that is fully loaded!  Ouch.



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