Cooler Than Starbucks


ScreenshotOne of the drawbacks to “going bedouin” is that you end up balancing your laptop on a series of coffee shop tables, rather than inhabiting your own desk. That’s probably why we find things like the Mini Desk attractive, no matter how expensive and impractical they may actually be.

But for new heights of workspace coolness, check out the steampunk-meets-Victorian setup built for Three Rings Design by the folks at Because We Can. That snapshot is just a tiny teaser; I encourage you to take a look at the full design story to get the impact of working in this Captain Nemo environment. Not quite enough to make me abandon web work for the office, but if you’re in the Bay Area they do custom work on scales large and small and they have a few pieces of shippable furniture as well.



Go Puzzle Pirates!

I love the work these guys have done for the ringers, I think we all wish we worked in that kind of environment

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