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Universal Offers HD Movie For Download On Vudu At The Same Time As DVD

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Universal Pictures is testing the sale of downloadable HD versions of a movie the same day the DVD is released — digital movies to TV service Vudu will offer a HD version of The Bourne Ultimatum on Tuesday, the same day as the DVD comes out reports AP. Vudu normally has movies for rent ($1-$5), as well as purchase, but in this case the movie can only be bought for $24.99. Movie studios normally stagger the release of movies on different formats, but are slowly coming around to the idea of offering content in the formats their customers want to buy it in. Vudu has also signed deals to distribute HD content from Paramount Pictures and Lionsgate Entertainment Corp.

One Response to “Universal Offers HD Movie For Download On Vudu At The Same Time As DVD”

  1. Much as I like Vudo, too many of the movies available are for purchase only. For instance, the HD Vudo purchase will cost $24.99 and be locked in the Vudo box. The DVD (admittedly not HD) cost only $14.99 at Amazon. I'd rather own the physical product for that price rather than depend on Vudo always working (in the future). No doubt the HD or Blue version will cost less too when it is available. The download on Amazon Unbox is only $14.99 too. Further, while Vudo claims (you name it) number of title, most are obscure and many are from India. Their "foreign" collection (from Euro countries) is poor. Vudo releasing a video the same day it's available on DVD isn't going to work if it costs more. Just isn't going to happen. Period.