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After Tinselvision, Shemaroo Provides Content To WatchIndia

Shemaroo Entertainment will provide its library of film content to WatchIndia on pay-per-view, a video content startup targeting the Indian diaspora starting with 15 films at $4.99 each. The content will be available for download in 2008. WatchIndia now has content from Times NOW, Zee TV, Zoom, Zee Sports, Aastha, IOL Movie Channel, Zee Punjabi, Zee Gujurati, Zee Cinema, YashRaj Films. Shemaroo had tied up with Tinselvision earlier, and this development just affirms my earlier assessment that the bouquet of content is not a differentiator for proprietary video content portals…what is, then? I believe social media features – comments, discussions and fan clubs on video sites are important for imbibing a sense of belonging, thus differentiating one portal from the other.

One Response to “After Tinselvision, Shemaroo Provides Content To WatchIndia”

  1. It seems most of these so called "diaspora" portals are all the same promising the same content that is shared by every other run of the mill VOD company. I stumbled across this site,, that has a range of content that is unique and actually targeted to the Indian diaspora. For example, on their US tab they covered the Planet Hollywood opening in Vegas and have interviews with celebrities talking about India including a humorous David Hasselhoff spec-all of this in addition to specs on Indians themselves. Thats a portal with a mission and not just a bunch of smoke and mirrors