Fire Music Label Bosses Now


Says Music 2.0 Blog: if all the budget and energy is being spent protecting their turf to preserve the hubris that they have been accustomed to – instead of finding solutions to facilitate this shift to digital – then the obvious suggestion as the first step in this transition is for the Luddite label chiefs to be fired as they have totally lost the plot. This one is a must read.


David H. Deans

Reminds me somewhat of the Mobile Internet experience that consumers are still waiting for in North America. Seems like DRM and the Walled Garden models were both conceived by the same short-sighted perspective.

Frankly, even when both artificial barriers eventually come tumbling down, customers will not easily forget the anti-consumer legacy — regardless of the carefully worded press releases, executive keynote speeches and interviews that profess a newfound “open” model.


I fully agree. The music industry was more than 5 (FIVE!!!) years late until finally Apple came up with ITunes to ‘rock the boat’ of traditional music industry’s supply chain. It’s a shame! Instead of trying to fight illegal music downloading, the music industry’s bosses should just only blame themselves for the fact that a whole generation was raised with the idea that music can be downloaded for free. It’s Apple and some others that at least finally tried to turn the tide and ‘re-educate’ music lovers. However, the idea of skipping copyrights on music may soon be the next step. Another blow for old fashioned record companies.

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