Earth2Tech Week In Review


The Earth2Tech crew spent last week chatting with VCs and cleantech execs at the ThinkGreen conference here in San Francisco. Perhaps you were busy at a conference, or shopping for the holidays, or just caught up in the Energy Bill brouhaha this week. Don’t worry, we’ve got the best of Earth2Tech this week all right here:

  • Google’s Vertically Integrated Green Energy: Google’s plans to take over save the world are moving forward, and their play for cheap energy makes sense.
  • Khosla Clip: We Can Replace Oil in 20 Years or Less: Venture capitalist Vinod Khosla told the ThinkGreen conference that oil will replaceable in two decades but warned: “Don’t listen to what most environmentalists say, because they come up with ideas that can’t scale.”
  • Aptera Founder Steve Fambro: Mainstream Vehicles in the Pipeline: Is the car of the future more aerodynamic with only three wheels? CEO Fambro thinks he can find a niche, with his moon-landing-looking vehicle that he hopes to get to market by late 2008.
  • House Passes Energy Bill: The House passed the 2007 Energy Bill this week with the inclusion of higher CAFE standards (35 MPG by 2020), a mandatory Renewable Portfolio Standard for utilities (15 percent of power from renewables by 2020), and big taxes on big oil (to the tune of $21 billion). Booyah. Now it just needs to survive a Senate filibuster and a Presidential veto.
  • Tesla Bounces CEO and Plays Musical Chairs: We’ve learned that former Tesla CEO Martin Eberhard is “not at all happy” with his Tesla exodus. Michael Marks succeeded Eberhard as CEO, only to be replaced on Monday by Ze’ev Drori. But by Thursday, when we were supposed to see Tesla’s CEO at ThinkGreen, all we got was Tesla’s VP of finance, Mike Taylor and a funny picture (cop not actually giving Tesla car a ticket.)
  • ticket!

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