TripIt To Me: text a request, get itinerary on your phone


TripittomePerfect timing for a new mobile service that helps you keep up on your travel plans. I was just loading up my calendar with CES appointments when I saw Business Hacks give mention of TripIt. This beta service organizes your travel plans and the newest features are perfect when you’re on the go. Need details of your itinerary like a flight confirmation number or address of your accomodations? Shoot a text message (or an e-mail) to TripIt and you’ll get the info beamed right back via TripIt To Me. Additionally, the service integrates with many desktop and web calendar solutions, so if your flight gets bumped for example, the information is automatically entered in your calendar.Since CES is around the corner, I thought to give TripIt a chance by using their auto-itinerary service a try. The concept sounds great: forward your e-mail travel confirmation from a supported airline or travel agent and TripIt will automatically match your trip details to your TripIt account. I booked my CES trip through American Express Travel, which is a supported agency, and forwarded my confirm to TripIt, but only the return flight information was integrated into my account. My flight out and my hotel deets are missing; no worries as I can enter them manually, but clearly there’s some glitches in the system.

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