(Mostly) Free Resources for the Web Worker Who Works on the Web


By Chris Poteet


Everyone, especially computer people, love lists of resources. I do as well, and I decided it’s time to share many of the resources that have helped me in my career. All of these resources (except for the print books) are either freeware, open source, or the application offers a free version.


  • Firebug – Essential tool for CSS/JavaScript debugging.
  • YSlow – Firebug add-on to help determine performance bottlenecks.
  • Web Developer Toolbar – Provides tools to compliment Firebug.
  • Fireftp – The best FTP client and in a browser no less!
  • Dust-Me Selectors – Scans the page against your current style sheet to determine extraneous styles.
  • Server Spy – See the server technology for current page.
  • Colorzilla – Awesome color picker.
  • HTML Validator – Validate pages and clean them with this tool.
  • IE Tab – View pages in IE inside Firefox.
  • Selenium IDE – Record and playback end-user testing.
  • X-Ray – Bookmarklet to examine elements in DOM.

Web Worker Applications

  • Box.net – Backup your files with this tremendous tool.
  • Harvest – Time tracking utility.
  • Jott – Record messages from your phone and add them to various applications.
  • Gliffy – MS Visio replacement for diagramming.
  • Yugma – Free video conferencing.
  • 101 Essential Freelancing Resources – Need more than we’ve got here?

Print Books

Online Books




Project Management/Version Control

  • Assembla – Free TRAC/Subversion workspaces.
  • TRAC – Slim, extensible SDLC tool.
  • Subversion – The great open source source control.
  • TortoiseSVN – GUI interface into Subversion via Windows shell.
  • AnkhSVN – Browse Subversion repositories inside Visual Studio.


Application Comparison

Web Designer Blogs/News Aggregation

Chris Poteet is a web application developer under his company name, Siolon.



Great you put Firebug as a first item out of other nice things. I use it a lot and in many cases.
Also I agree that Aptana is the best choice out there!
I think you should also mention some SEO add-ons or software here. Thanks!


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– Q-Doc Universal Office & PDF Viewer Plug-in
– Q-Doc Scanning modules (Alfresco Scanning Plug-in)
– Q-Doc Alfresco Configuration Module (Aspect Editor/Template Builder)
– Q-Doc OCR Server (Tiff to Searchable PDF) Plug-in
– Q-Doc PDF Printer to Alfresco Repository

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Great list but you missed Fanurio.

Fanurio http://www.fanuriotimetracking.com helps with the less appealing aspects of freelancing like billing and keeping track of time. It’s a useful application, with a user-friendly interface.


You can check the new version of ProjectOffice.net – it’s in beta and free online project management and collaboration tool


Elluminate vRoom is a free virtual meeting room for up to three people. Lots of functionality, including full-duplex audio, high-rez video, interactive white board, app/desktop sharing, web push/tour, file transfer. Supports multiple platforms and low bandwidth connectivity. Visit http://www.getvroom.com.

– Beth, Elluminate Goddess of Communication

Judi Sohn

I take the blame for the title. Sorry. :-)

I was partly enjoying the play on words, and partly stressing that these resources are primarily aimed at web developers…not all web workers focus on building sites.

Adam Benayoun

http://www.octabox.com is a business platform for small businesses and freelancers.

It combines diverse modules ranging from CRM, project management, a thought module and several other tools allowing you to manage your daily operation.

The platform is smart enough to provides you with business logic, trends and behavior pattern and auto-configure your user interface to enhance your user experience and your productivity.

We’re currently in private beta but we should launch very soon a public beta, so check us out or mail me for more information.

Other than that I find this article very interesting!



You missed the best project management software for programmers –


Unfuddle has s free plan that includes a hosted subversion repository, tickets, milestones, wikis and more

Dustin Brewer

Also, another great Firefox extension is MeasureIt which comes in super handy for not only measuring random spaces to place things but also for using it as a ruler, of sorts.

Dustin Brewer

Great article, tons of wonderful resources on there. I would have probably added a few other blogs on the list if I were writing the article. Not just mine, either.

Definitely a delicious bookmark worthy article though.

Todd G

You get an award for being the first web development blog post that doesn’t link to a CSS Gallery or have an insporation section… great post!


WebAppers.com can be in the list of Web Designer Blogs/News Aggregation as well :)

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