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Marc Orchant status update

I spoke briefly this evening with Sue Orchant, Marc’s wife, and at length with Ed Bott who just left the hospital after a visit with Marc and Sue.  Marc’s physical body seems to be healing with good vitals and today he has been moving his head and opening his eyes and looking around the room.  This is very positive although he has not regained consciousness and everyone is concerned about that, understandably.  Marc’s entire family is there comforting him and each other and a lot of friends are visiting too.  Everyone is in a "wait and see" mode for Marc to wake up and get truly on the road to recovery.  There is still no indication if Marc has sustained neurological damage due to the heart attack and if so how much, which is the primary concern at this point.  Let’s all remember Marc and Sue and the rest of the Orchant family in our prayers and send get wells as much as we can.  I consider Marc one of my greatest friends and love him like a brother so I am pulling for him as hard as I can but I need your help, too.

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  1. Not good(from:

    Saturday December 8th, 8:20AM Pacific Time

    Well… This isn’t easy. I just got off the phone with Sue Orchant and she has given me another update on Marc’s condition. What Sue tells me is that Marc has essentially failed to improve significantly over the past several days. He has not ever regained consciousness since the event and at this point it is not looking very good.

    I hate writing these words. I hate that this has happened. This guy is one of the best, most amazing people. My heart goes out to Sue and the Orchant Family. I wish to god there was something more I could do, some miracle I could conjure. I want to fight this thing but there’s just nothing to fight. We’re still waiting and praying and that is so, so hard….

  2. I’ve been following this website and the MOTR-podcast for quite some time and this way I heard about this tragic situation. Didn’t know or know about Marc before but the same thing happened to my father (who survived and recovered perfectly) and I just wanted to write something.

    All my best wishes for your friend to get well soon!

    /Markus, Sweden

  3. While I was not familiar with his work, the praise that I have seen for him as a person and a friend of mobile technology will have me watching Marcs new work. Hurry up and get Better, Im ready to start!
    And to his family, this ia tough time to be going through this, not that anytime would be, but from what I am reading, it has been all positive every day, let us hope we get a good xmas present from Marc, we are waiting!
    James, hang tough buddy. You’ve been there and no the kind of people and technology that are behind him!

    Take Care all!

  4. Hi JK

    Thanks for the updates on Marc. He’s a great guy, and his heart attack has shocked me.

    Hang in there, and keep hanging in there for him. He needs it, and I am sure his family appreicates it.



  5. Ty Arnold - The Unknown Man

    I continue to keep Marc and his family in my thoughts.

    I have been a big fan of Marc’s for a little over two years now, and it pains me to see him and his family enduring such a tragedy this holiday season.

    Get well Marc, we all miss you.

  6. Bjenk Ellefsen

    I just wanted to post a few words. I have been following the news about Marc. I am deeply moved and troubled by Marc’s accident. I have been through a similar accident recently but I pulled through. I was lucky. I wish Marc the same fate with all my being. Please Marc, come back healthy and whole from this. You can do it buddy. We are all waiting for you.