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Have you met Leonard and Sheldon from “The Big Bang Theory”?

Jim_parsonsWithout a doubt, my favorite television show of this strike-shortened season is “The Big Bang Theory”. If you’re already watching it, just indulge me for the sake of others who haven’t seen it or who live outside the U.S. Cybernet has a fantastic overview of the characters, some hysterical quotes and a few YouTube videos to give folks an idea of what they’re missing.Yes, it’s about a few genius geeks and yes, there are tech and Internet references galore. Week after week I’m simply amazed at how well the actors deliver their lengthy and complex lines in perfect deadpan. When you see some of the video excerpts, I think you’ll see what I mean; pay particular attention to the character of Sheldon (actor, Jim Parsons shown here) and his impeccable delivery. Anyone else watching this? I’m even enjoying the re-runs now that our original episodes have dried up! If you haven’t seen the show, CBS is currently hosting four of the full episodes here. I suspect those are limited to U.S. residents.

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  1. >>>It does NOT have a laugh track

    You don’t know how TV works. Look up “sweetening.” What I saw did not warrant the laughter orgasms I heard. That was fake laughter.

    Plus, did you know they also *pay* people to be in the audience to laugh? Given the rotten scripts on most shows, they’d have to!

  2. I haven’t seen it yet, but this was the straw etc, others have mentioned it, so I’m going to now. I like it when there is witty dialogue, hopefully some of that in here then considering the recommendation.

  3. Unfortunately, the show is on at the same time as Chuck (which is full of gadgets, including the OQO and iPhone), so I’m already a half hour into that by the time BBT is on. However, what I do catch of BBT is so good that I’m planning on getting it on DVD.

  4. Maybe the show got better after the first one (caught it for free on XboxLive), but that first one did little for me. My summation of the show: two geeks living across the hall from a hot woman and funniness ensues when one of the geeks tries to overcome his geek shyness while the other is content just being a geek. That show formula just doesn’t do it for me.

  5. If you like Jim Parsons you must watch the movie “Garden State” which came out in 2004. It has to be the funniest movie ever.

    Parsons has the funniest scene in the whole movie. It involves breakfast, a knight costume, and Klingon language. It’s hilarious.

  6. Yep, love this series….they nail geek culture week in and week out….the best new series this season and its pairing with HIMYM makes for the best hour on TV. I am also hooked on Chuck, while not a cool in the tech area has me coming back each week to watch.

  7. It has … a … laugh track!

    The only time I watch something with a frikkin laugh track is if it’s from England!

    First of all, Britcoms are actually *funny*.

    Second of all, even the damn laugh track is better!

    I went to the site, watched the intro to one, cringed at the fake laughter, and gave up.

  8. I love The Big Bang Theory, too. I am sorry that the writers strike has stopped production, but the good news is that CBS has said they will bring it back next season if the writers strike continues the whole year. See here :

    CBS to Air Showtime’s Dexter; Will Renew Big Bang, Moonlight

    John Consoli

    DECEMBER 04, 2007 –

    Look for CBS to begin airing sister pay cable network Showtime hit drama Dexter sometime in midseason if the Writers Strike is prolonged, and for the broadcast network to bring back freshman sitcom The Big Bang Theory and first-year drama Moonlight next season.

    Speaking at the 35th annual UBS Global Media & Communications Conference in New York today (Dec. 4), Les Moonves, CBS Corp. president & CEO, mentioned the two freshman shows as likely to return next season, and that CBS would be looking to air some Showtime shows to supplement its schedule should the Writers Guild strike continue and effect the return of first-run shows on the network.