Have you met Leonard and Sheldon from “The Big Bang Theory”?

Jim_parsonsWithout a doubt, my favorite television show of this strike-shortened season is “The Big Bang Theory”. If you’re already watching it, just indulge me for the sake of others who haven’t seen it or who live outside the U.S. Cybernet has a fantastic overview of the characters, some hysterical quotes and a few YouTube videos to give folks an idea of what they’re missing.Yes, it’s about a few genius geeks and yes, there are tech and Internet references galore. Week after week I’m simply amazed at how well the actors deliver their lengthy and complex lines in perfect deadpan. When you see some of the video excerpts, I think you’ll see what I mean; pay particular attention to the character of Sheldon (actor, Jim Parsons shown here) and his impeccable delivery. Anyone else watching this? I’m even enjoying the re-runs now that our original episodes have dried up! If you haven’t seen the show, CBS is currently hosting four of the full episodes here. I suspect those are limited to U.S. residents.