Friday Favorite: Metric and Quote of the Week


Fun time quote of the week comes from the LA Times coverage of the House passing the Energy Bill:

“The static electricity created by my shoes rubbing across this carpet creates more energy than the Democrats’ energy bill,” said Rep. George P. Radanovich (R-Mariposa) — LA Times.

And Craig picks our favorite metric from a new report on carbon abatement costs from McKinsey and Company released last week. The report says that the U.S. can cut carbon emissions by 28 percent by 2030 at a low cost of about $50 per gigaton. This graph illustrates three potential abatement schemes – low, mid, and high levels of commitment – and the cost per gigaton of abatement. Looking at the high-end range you can see that we get quite the bang for our buck.




$50 per ton is not that cheap. 1 pound of coal produces (about) 1.83 pounds of CO2, so a ton of CO2 would come from about 1092 pounds of coal burned.

Coal is selling for about $50 per ton (2000 pounds) now, so the extra cost of carbon remediation would be an extra $91. This would triple to cost of burning coal at today’s prices.

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