Mobile Browser Round-Up: Alternative Needed; iPhone Browser; Opera Mini

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Alternative Needed To Mobile Internet Browser: Not a shocker: the web browser that works so well on a PC may not be the best tool for accessing information quickly on the mobile internet, according to a report from Jupiter Research (via release). The study, “Mobile Internet: Leave the Browser at Home on the Desktop,

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mika li

A UK company has created a new way to deliver rich content for the "on-the-go" crowd (app is called TWUIKI), bite-sized information at your finger tip. And sporting a visually attractive UI, and most importantly, a non-cluttered screen, and easy to use application. Watch the video here. (Video Included).

If you are familiar with Macintosh's DashBoard Widgets, then TWUIKI mimics the widgets UI and brings your daily news, weather, sports, financial stock ticker, google map, live traffic web cam and audio and video….

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