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Dubai Investor Invests $40M in Phoenix, too: Dubai-based investor Al Yousuf has put $40 million invested an undisclosed amount of convertible debt financing in Phoenix Motorcars, after investing in lithium-ion battery maker Altair Nanotechnologies — GreenCarCongress.

Barclays Capital Kicks off Carbon Index: Barclays Capital has launched a global carbon index to track carbon credits in major emissions trading schemes — Energy Risk.

Brooklyn Bridge Getting Greener: The lights on the Brooklyn Bridge will get replaced by LEDs. Bright idea — GoodCleanTech.

“Did Carbon Save Earth From a Deep Freeze?”: “Life on Earth depends on the greenhouse effect. Without carbon dioxide and other gases in the atmosphere to capture a significant portion of the sun’s heat, the planet would have plunged into subfreezing temperatures long ago.” Say wha? — Science Now.

Southwestern Solar: Southwestern energy utilities issued an RFP for a 250 MW concentrating solar thermal power plant —

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