More People Watching Full TV Shows Online


More people are watching full episodes of TV shows online, according to two studies released this week. According to Horowitz and Associates, 16 percent of high-speed* Internet users watched full episodes of TV online each week, double the number from last year, while The Nielsen Company, in a recent survey of 1,599 Americans, found that 25 percent had watched full episodes of TV programs online in the past three months.

ABC and NBC were listed as the most-watched networks online in both studies.

The data shows that networks are on the right path by offering up their full episodic content online, and it bodes well for Hulu, with its full episodes from multiple sources. This should also embolden the striking writers, since the crux of their argument centers around their work being shown on the Internet. The more people watch TV online, the more the networks will monetize it.

Update: Looks like Horowitz’s data lines up exactly with prior research done by TNS and The Conference Board, who also found that 16 percent of American Internet households watch TV broadcasts online.

*Update 2: Horowitz and Assoc. contacted me to say there was an error in their original press release. Their data was for high-speed Internet users. This post was updated to reflect that clarification.


Jamison Tilsner

I think a major impediment to the growth of this market is a lack of lean-back-friendly browsing interfaces. I want something with the ease of my Time-warner remote control.

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