Is Feedster finally dead?


Looks like Feedster has finally decided to take a dirt nap. Kevin Burton says we haven’t picked up the story. Maybe because we don’t care about companies that fall under a category called Zombies. Burton also says there might be a buyer for them, after all. Whatever!



I’ve been surprised how long it’s taken this story to get some attention. I just checked our records here at Zuula, and it’s exactly a month now since Feedster went offline. Yet it wasn’t until about two weeks ago that someone (ReadWriteWeb) wrote about it, and that’s been about the extent of the attention the story has gotten.

Was Feedster really that much of a “nothing” to deserve such lack of attention? The figures I’ve seen suggest it was probably one of the top five blog search sites as recently as six months ago.

In any case, there’s always Zuula’s blog search
… Results from the top 8 blog search engines, all in one place!


Tom W.

Wow – Om, that’s rather harsh. I’m sure 90% of your readers have worked for a “Zombie” company at one time or another – smart, talented people. I have. Sometimes, great stuff comes from the zombies. You’re talking about real people here. And it’s never, ever a good idea to whistle past the digital graveyard. There but for the grace of some good luck etc…..

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