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Writers Guild: Latest Round of Strike Talks ‘Substantive’

Another tiny morsel of positive news today on the writers’ strike: In a brief statement, the Guild described the latest round of talks as “substantive,” for the first time since negotiations began. However, it cautioned that it’s still waiting for a response from the AMPTP on its latest proposals. Yesterday, the two sides were reportedly getting close on the question of ad-supported streaming. The two sides are talking again today, so keep tuned. Guild statement. (via AP)

One Response to “Writers Guild: Latest Round of Strike Talks ‘Substantive’”

  1. jonathansalembaskin

    I worry that the strike, if it lasts much longer, could break TV viewers of whatever residual habit they still possess for searching out and enjoying scripted entertainment. They could learn to settle for reality TV, game shows, and other unscripted programming, couldn't they? I'm not sure the corporations would care, but it would not do wonders for writer employment (or the quality of entertainment)