Wacom’s 20 inch digitizer screen for that serious artist


Wacom has just released a new 20 inch display that contains an active digitizer to be used for serious graphics work.  The Cintiq 20WSX is a 20.1 widescreen digitizer display with a 16:10 aspect ration which seems to me to be perfect for those Over the Hedge cartoon strips.  I’m certainly no artist but the 20WSX sure looks like it would be a great tool for those so inclined.  What do you say, t lewis?


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This is a great new model simply because it’s essentially the same resolution as the 21UX (1600X1200 vs 1680 X 1050 = a 70 pixel squared differential) but is 500 dollars cheaper. Since it’s only 1 inch smaller in active area size (which matters as much as resolution), I’d say this is quite a bargain!

I’m not sure if you also noticed the Cintiq 12wx which can be found here


For $999. It is more reminiscent of the Intuos line of tablets, but with a full 12″ (1280X800) screen embedded, with expresskeys and an extra button that allows you to toggle between using it like a traditional tablet and a tablet screen. At that rate too, the Cintiq 12 WX is the lowest cost/inch of any Cintiq model available from Wacom.

Pretty amazing stuff!

t lewis

Dude! My name in lights on your august site! I’m feeling all shy and unworthy.

I am lusting a bit over this new Cintiq…I’ve been using the widescreen Tosh M7 for the last few months and although I have some major quibbles with its build quality (wobbly screen, noisy fan, etc) I’ve gotten kinda addicted to 14″ widescreen. Perfect for the hard horizontal comic strip format. The 20wsx does look seductive for the same reason.

That said, I’m actually in the market for a deal on the discontinued 18sx Cintiq, solely due to its compatibility with tabletpc pens. I hate switching my stylus every time I swivel around to my tablet. It seems like a small thing, but it drives me nuts over the course of hours on intense projects.

BTW…the whole Wacom stylus puzzle among their different lines – Artpad, Intuos, Graphire, Cintiq, Tabletpc – is baffling, and they do a terrible job of clarifying it on their site. Yet another aspect of the MStic Wall of Neglect & Befuddlement standing between customers and the Tablet Dream.

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