Google is completely iPhonified


Engadget Mobile has a nice screenshot of the new Google Mobile interface that appears specifically designed for the Apple iPhone. While I don’t agree that web sites should be customized for a particular device, other mobiles are sure to benefit by this move. I’m also not complaining about it as the Google optimizations are part of the reason I’m now likely to leave my Exchange server for Gmail’s IMAP offering. While I’d lose access to integrated over-the-air calendar & contacts, this new interface offers up both with a few quick button presses.I kicked the new Google interface around for a few minutes this morning: it’s quick to use and in typical Google fashion, has a simple, utilitarian design that works well. A menu-bar sits on the top and offers up: Google’s Home Page, Gmail, Calendar, Reader and More.

Googleiphonemore_2The More button opens a new page with Docs, GOOG-411, SMS, News, Photos, Blogger and Notebook. Docs is still not working for the iPhone; you can view, but not create or edit. You can enter notes in Notebook, however; this might not be new but I did test it this morning.GoogleiphoneI’d like to (and expect to) see some additional customization options such as creating your own menu. Maybe you want Docs up there instead of Reader, for example. I think Home is a waste of a menu option on the iPhone as well; a tap on the URL address bar in Safari offers both a URL field and an already-dedicated Google search field.


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