Dell Tablet PC is looking a lot like the HP 2710p


Delllatitudext1The user’s manual for the upcoming Dell XT Tablet PC has been uncovered and Rob Bushway of Gottabemobile has done a thorough job of analyzing it to share the features of this hotly awaited new Tablet.  Leave it to Rob to actually read a manual for a device he doesn’t even have.  :)  I’ve gone through Rob’s analysis and what struck me most was that the Dell seems to me to be like the HP 2710p I enjoy for the most part.  The processor options are like that on the HP, the screen resolution is the same, the main difference is the dual digitizer that will be available on the Dell.  The Dell does include something I wish the HP had, scroll buttons on the screen.  The HP can handle a maximum of 4 GB of memory while the Dell appears to top out at 3 GB.  The pen on the Dell has two nibs, a hard standard nib and a soft one that feels like a felt tip pen which is a first as far as I am aware.  Overall it’s looking like the two Tablets are much more similar than different so I have to hand it to HP for being the first to market with the 2710p.  I know the design of the HP sure looks better than the Dell but I’d like to get one in my hands to see how that new Tablet will work.  It’s pretty thin and light and should feel good to use in the hands.  So let’s get that baby released, Dell!


Dave Beauvais

Now that info is trickling out, I can probably safely say that I got to use a Latitude XT about a month ago. My reaction is a definitive “meh.” I don’t regret my HP 2710p purchase at all. I certainly didn’t come away from the experience feeling that the XT is revolutionary.

For companies that use primarily Dell systems, such as where I work, this is going to be a nice system for those in need of a Tablet PC. With specs so similar to the HP, I think the dual pen/touch interface is going to be the big selling point of this tablet over the competition. For many users, being able to interact with a finger is just more intuitive than having to use a “special” pen.

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