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Chrysalix and Robeco From Joint Clean Tech Venture: Chrysalix Energy Venture Capital and asset management firm Robeco have formed Sustainable Energy Technology Venture Partners with €50 million in startup capital for European cleantech – BusinessWire.

Gushan Files for $250M Biodiesel IPO: Said to be the largest producer of biodiesel in China, Gushan filed with the U.S. SEC for an American Depositary Share sale – CleanTech.

Study Finds Ethanol Out-Performs Gas: A study cosponsored by the DOE and the American Coalition for Ethanol found that blends between E10 and E85 can get better fuel economy than regular unleaded gasoline – Ethanol.org.

PG&E Billboard Also a Power Plant: A new billboard off the 101 in San Francisco can generate 3.4 kilowatts of energy during the day from 20 solar panels – LiveScience.

Congress Considers $21B Energy Tax for Renewables: Proposed by two Democrats, the legislation would undo some oil tax breaks and put money toward carbon capture, energy efficiency, and other renewables – CNNMoney.com.

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